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July 2020: No loss thanks to Rösler (German)

A-Z Baumaschinen uses systems from Rösler Software Technik with great success - thanks to the theft protection system Obserwando every machine was found again - also a good tool for accounting and location determination

April 2020: We want to grow (German)

Rösler Software-Technik has been equipping the rental company Hald & Grunewald with data acquisition technology for 12 years - soon at a new location - 25 customer service vehicles help - our own transport fleet also delivers abroad

October 2019: Simple but great (German)

Gigalift has been using Rösler miniDaT for decades - simple data acquisition is the basis for correct billing - an economically profitable process

May 2019: Renting becomes easy and clear (German)

daTime from Rösler for renting - individual forms on tablet or smartphone - all data, names, signatures and photos in one folder - tailor-made cooperation with the dispatch program

January 2019: Rösler devices have been helpful for many years (German)

Peter Gay GmbH has been using Rösler devices for many years - the exact maintenance time of each machine at a glance - theft protection has been successfully implemented

November 2018: Make machinery more tangible (German)

Lange Industriewartung AG uses Rösler systems with success - both simple data readout and location, monitoring of driving data or theft protection are used - simple and efficient system
Press release with user report from Lange Industriewartung AG from Wulften am Harz.

August 2018: Control your vehicle fleet with the Rösler app (German)

With Rösler Obserwando, a clear advantage can be achieved in fleet management - theft protection is also increased - as an app on the mobile phone - successfully used by DUS Kabel Montage for two years

April 2017: Customers think it's good (German)

Rental machine handover and retrieval with the tablet - no more paper - photos and data in one document - customers get used to it quickly and find it good - fast processing of the data - with signature

September 2016: Fast Reaction even from distance (German)

Berlin company PaDoRent works with Rösler-Telediagnose Obserwando and Ruthmann Connect. Even From 100km distance it is possible to get access control, telediagnosis and theft protection. Press release on the application by PaDoRent Pressemitteilung zur Anwendung von Obserwando durch den Berliner Bühnenvermieter PaDoRent

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