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miniDaT WEB Basic LTE

Usage time, Theft protection, Position

• Monitoring of work and rest area
• Switching on and off possible via the Obserwando portal
• Tested on construction sites and insensitive to dust, water, heat or vibration
• Daily transmission of usage times (date and time) to the Obserwando portal

• Easy evidence of weekend use or multi-shift use
• Easy proof of incorrect operation
• Current machine position available at all times

Easy to install. Easy to use.

Truly simple:

• Data acquisition of 3 functions, e.g. machine running time, battery charge, lack of oil
• Machine position monitoring
• Waterproof, shakeproof
• Daily transfer of operating data to Obserwando
• Alarm to any number of users
• Easy installation

Technical Data:

Operating voltage:       10 V DC – 60 V DC

Protection:                   IP66

Temperature range:      +70°C/-20°C

Housing dimensions:    122 x 57 mm (diameter x height)