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EQTrace key WLAN

Usage time, Access control

Access control by electronic key

• Access control: It is possible to specify operating times

Time of use can be recorded by Employee / Department / order / Cost center

Record and settle usage times

Truly simple:

Periodic transfer of collected data

• Users and usage time can be called up via smartphone or Obserwando.de

No Flat per device, therefore very low monthly costs

Personal keys ensure damage­free operation

• Adjustable shock clamp to shut down the machine in the event of a collision (material, shelves, etc.)

Access control via RFiD card

Vehicle users can be queried via Internet /
expanded / locked out

Technical Data:

Operating voltage: Supply via vehicle battery 10VDC – 60VDC (expandable to 150VDC)

Protection: IP66

Temperature range: +70°C / ­-20°C

Housing dimensions: L*B*H (mm) = 105 * 73 * 35