miniDaT – the proven, low-cost system for machine data recording

Whenever localization and theft protection are not important, the miniDaT provides an inexpensive alternative. Our customers use the miniDaTs mainly in the following areas:

  • Billing of working times in the rental area

  • Monitoring of service times on industrial machines

  • Incorrect or missing charge in battery machines

miniDaTs are used for a variety of machines, e.g. on work platforms, compressors, construction machinery, vibratory plates, pile drivers and industrial trucks.

miniDaTs can be used on almost all stationary and mobile machines regardless of the manufacturer as long as the machines have their own power supply.

The devices have been tested on construction sites and are insensitive to dust, heat, water and vibration. The times of use are saved with the date and time in a permanent memory.

For devices without their own supply like ramming, hydraulic hammers or vibrating plates the miniDaT-VIB can be used to record usage times down to the day.

Acquisition and evaluation

  • Acquisition of 3 or 5 digital channels: ignition, engine running, battery charging …….

  • Data storage for 90 or 365 days

  • Readout of data from the miniDaT via miniCB

  • Evaluation on the PC with WinDaT-Pro

  • On site evaluation with the Obserwando mobile app

  • Automatic transfer of data when using the miniDaT-LR

All technical data, miniDaT devices and accessories can be found in our webshop.

Your advantages

  • Simply generate additional rental income through proof of use

  • Monitor usage times to optimize service

  • Installation can usually be carried out by your own employees

  • Operating voltage 0 – 30 VDC, can be expanded to 150 VDC using a voltage converter

  • No further monthly costs

  • “Construction sites tested”, more than 70,000 systems in use