EQTrace V+


Position, Usage Time, Theft Protection

• Connection via OBD connector with extra long connection cable
As rental version: immediate replacement in the event of a defect
• Quick and easy installation
• Can be used worldwide and at any time (even temporarily).
• Immediate alarm when the OBD connector is disconnected from the vehicle
• With the help of the built-in battery, theft tracking is possible over several hours
• Can be used on vehicles, diesel machines and battery devices (12VDC, 24VDC).

*Incl. EU flat rate, plus one-off activation fee of €55.00

Ready for use in just a few minutes:

• Connect EQTrace V+ to the vehicle via the OBD connector (EQTrace V+ can also be operated on any other machine by connecting it to the battery)
• The 1 meter long connection cable allows the EQTrace V+ to be optimally positioned in the vehicle
• Capture operational data during vehicle activity
• The route can be accessed online or in the archive at any time
• View/evaluate data on Obserwando.de or via Obserwando Mobile
• Theft monitoring can be set for every day
• GEO-Fence monitoring of the permitted work area
• Alarm even when the vehicle is switched off when towing or transporting

Technical data:

Operating voltage: 10V – 30V DC
Inputs: 2 virtuel (operating voltage and shock sensor)
Operating temperatur: -35°C – +65°C
Transfer procedure: LTE

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