daTime - Management of electronic documents: delivery note, workshop order, repair order ...

Based on many years of cooperation with construction machine rental companies, we know their requirements very well. In addition to exact billing of machine usage and transmission of machine data via the Internet directly from the construction site, effective billing of working hours is always required.

That is why we developed daTime.

daTime records all types of documents electronically and then integrates them into your company’s software. In real time and without errors. Ideal e.g. to record and transmit working hours, record service work performed, document maintenance work, etc.

Pass delivery documents between dispatcher and delivery driver in seconds without personal contact.

You save time and costs because you can optimally manage your orders and bill your services without delay.

Are you interested and want to start immediately?

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Electronic forms: An overview of important functions

  • Possibility of changing the order sequence and the content of an order.
  • Mandatory fields can be defined.
    • The order can only be completed if these fields are filled out!
  • Orders can be transferred to colleagues at any time (vacation or illness).
  • The app can be used to take photos and annotations and obtain electronic signatures.
    • All documents are legally binding after the customer’s signature.
  • Each order is automatically transmitted to the company after completion.
    • daTetime is interfaces compatible with other software systems (in-house software systems).
  • All forms can be filled out offline (i.e. no network available).
  • Your forms also look the same electronically for the customer.
    • We use your documents and not run-of-the-mill forms!

Rental with daTime

Would you like to optimize your rental and bring as much distance as possible between scheduling, delivery driver and document return?

Then daTime is the perfect fit for you. You can see how it works here: