Special offer until April 19, 2024

Theft protection 24/7 only 99€*

*Contract term 36 months ~ 10,50€ EU-Flat (monthly)

EQTrace click ATS -

pure anti-theft protection

Theft protection 24/7

by magnet -> click -> ready

  • Monitor rest area (24/7)
  • Monitor work area (via GeoFence)
  • Alarm in case of movement at the set times of the day
  • Alarm when position detection is out of range (check only during status reporting)
  • Regular status reports

Pay-per-use features:

  • Position retrieval
  • Online tracking
  • Theft notification via SMS
  • Report theft via phone call

EQTrace click ATS at a glance

Attached with a magnet in just a few seconds.

Built-in battery.

Theft protection via GeoFence.

Theft protection 24/7 (Monitor rest area).

Immediate notification of loading and transport operations.



Screw fastening possible.

Can be used worldwide.

Pay-per-use features.